Charles, Brenda, Sarah, Joshua and Caleb

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Poor Blog

My poor blog is feeling neglected, between work and swaps and chatting on Rav, haven't had/taken the time to post on it.  

Did another "first" recently and crocheted a bookmark for a swap.  most of the stuff I do can be found on my flicker page

I am also in the first stages of starting a group for donations to the local area hospitals and nursing homes here. So with sending to SIBOL and Share A Square and this one when I get it off the ground, I'll def have lotts of places to put my squares to good use!! 
More to come about this one as it happens.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Raverly world

Isn't life amazing? get a computer and you can be anywhere in the world in a matter of minutes!  I have "discovered" the world of Raverly, so much fun there and so many new people to meet.

I think I have become a swap-a-holic!! but it is letting me have a reason to crochet more in new fields, made my first dish cloth, and my first pot-holder this month.  which, of course, means more patterns to find and print -- hubby thinks I've gone pattern crazy because every time he turns around I'm printing more patterns, he actually asked "how many patterns do you need?"  Why, all of them of course!!!!

I'm so super happy that Mrs Twins and Sibol have joined the world of Raverly too.