Charles, Brenda, Sarah, Joshua and Caleb

Monday, December 6, 2010

working my camera

figured out how to work my new camera and to take 100's of pic's and have sorta figured out how to download (with only a little trouble each time!!) to my blogs  Whoo Hoo!!!

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  1. What fun you'll have when you find out!
    Perhaps you'd like to team blog on SIBOL with us! Those Squares you have made you would be able to post on SIBOL before you send them. I'll send you an invite.
    See how you get on, (that's if you want to)
    You can post anything on there, but of course it has to do with SIBOL. You could mention this Charity if you are interested.
    One Square from One person though!
    Hugs and best of luck with your blog.